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Forty Hall by C.M. Matthews

What is the U3A?

U3A stands for University of the Third Age, or that period in our lives after childhood and working life, when most of us have finished paid employment, and our families have flown the nest. Although called a University, we do not seek to offer degrees, but use the term in its original sense, of groups of people wishing to study or discuss a subject. We take this idea very loosely and include many and various topics, which in some cases are just pure enjoyment, and do not include study at all!

The Millennium Sundial by C.M. Matthews

Who are we?

We are people, like yourself, who are interested in making our retirement from paid employment enjoyable and fulfilling - in being able to study or follow various subjects to whatever level we wish, without the stress of taking examinations, in small groups, with like-minded people. The Register Office by C.M. Matthews

What are we?

Part of a world-wide self-help organisation which has at present over 1040 groups spread around the country, comprising over 425,000 members in Great Britain alone, but is also very strong in many other countries. Started in 1994, Enfield U3A has about 470 members at present. We cover an area stretching from Palmers Green in one direction to the boundary of Potters Bar and from Chingford to Barnet in the other! We are completely self-governing, but are affiliated to the Third Age Trust, a Charity that looks after the interests of all the local U3A's in this country.

You can download all of the information on this website in this PDF version of our leaflet.

Contact us

If you would like to find out more information or have a chat about the U3A in Enfield, please call 07756239378 or email